14 Nuclear Reactors To Be Closed Down in France by 2035

14 Nuclear Reactors To Be Closed Down in France by 2035


France may close the next two nuclear reactors in 2025–2026, earlier than expected, if market conditions are favorable. In general, it is planned to close 14 reactors in the country by 2035, reports vestifinance.ru with reference to Reuters.

France intends to reduce the share of nuclear energy in electricity production to 50% by 2035 from the current 75%.

The two oldest reactors in France at the Fessenheim nuclear power plant will be shut down in February and June of this year. The following closures were expected in 2027-2028.

According to Vesti.Ekonomika, the International Energy Agency last year warned that a sharp decrease in nuclear power capacities would jeopardize climate goals and energy security if developed countries did not find a way to extend the life of their reactors.Without policy changes, developed countries could lose 25% of their nuclear capacity by 2025 and two-thirds by 2040."

13:17 January 31, 2020


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