France To Give Iodine Tablets to Over 2 Million People Living Near Nuclear Power Plants

France To Give Iodine Tablets to Over 2 Million People Living Near Nuclear Power Plants


The  French Nuclear Safety Authority – ASN, will give out free iodine tablets to around 2.2 million people living close to nuclear plants to help protect them from radiation in case of an accident, informs making a reference to Euronews.

According to the source, the country hopes to protect the people living within 10-20 kilometers from one of EDF's 19 nuclear plants in case of an accident. They can pick up the tablets from the nearest pharmacy. Previously, France distributed iodine tablets to people living within a 10-kilometer radius from a nuclear plant but has now decided to widen the radius. Three years only 50% of the population in the mentioned areas made use of this state initiative. When the thyroid gland is saturated with stable iodine, it no longer absorbs the radioactive iodine,’ the ASN claimed.

It should be added that iodine was distributed to residents of the communities adjacent to the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant operating in Armenia during the Soviet era. During the visits of EcoLur to the communities affected by the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, it was found that locals were not provided with the necessary medication in case of a radiation hazard, masks and antibiotics for primary use.

In addition, residents have no chance to take shelter in case of radiation danger. No community has special anti-rogue hideouts. There are also no nuclear safety guides, and the evacuation plan is not available to residents in the event of a nuclear threat. Residents are not informed about security measures.

11:20 September 19, 2019


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