Requirements of ANPP-Impacted Tsaghkalanj Residents

Requirements of ANPP-Impacted Tsaghkalanj Residents


EcoLur is presenting the results of the study conducted in Tsaghkalanj Community, Armavir Region, concerning the impact of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), emergency preparedness, safety awareness, participation in decision-making and community social issues.

Assigning “impacted” status, provision of gas masks and respirators designed for radiation protection, organization of training in self-defense skills, social benefits... The residents of ANPP-Impacted Tsaghkalanj Community, Armavir Region, informed EcoLur about these concerns in regard to these matters.

Tsakhkalanj, with a population of 1787 residents, is one of 25 communities within the 5-10 km radius of the ANPP. The distance between Tsakhkalanj and ANPP is 5-6 km. "Our lands are attached to the nuclear power plant ... Once upon a time people walked to work there ... At least the electricity should be affordable. Status should be provided: afterwards we will know our rights and responsibilities,” the villagers said.

At school they were also told that before commenting on the future activities/operation of the ANPP, they should be aware of the impact and potential hazards of that activity. But they have superficial information. "If we were informed about the state of the nuclear power plant, food, air, water and radiation, our opinion would be more objective."

As in other communities impacted by Armenian Nuclear Power Plant studied by EcoLur, Tsaghkalanj also has no functionally adapted shelters, residents are not provided with gas masks.

There are respirators and gas masks at school, but they are not applicable - they are obsolete. “We are in a very dangerous area. We want to be aware, but we have no means. For example, our school needs 200 gas masks, we have 170 pupils, and 30 are staff. The state must provide all this,” the residents said.

In Tsaghkalanj, a study of local foods, vegetable species has never been carried out to find out the impact of the plant on them. However, the elderly residents of Tsaghkalanj remember that vegetable gardens and orchards were "richer" before the launch of operation of the ANPP.

18:29 February 14, 2020


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