“ANPP” OJSC Responding: How Environmental Monitoring Carried Out In ANPP Area

“ANPP” OJSC Responding: How Environmental Monitoring Carried Out In ANPP Area


“EcoLur” Informational NGO has dispatched an enquiry to “ANPP” CJSC CEO Movses Vardanyan on the environmental monitoring in the area of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant: “ANPP” CJSC CEO informed in his reply letter:

“From the very first day of the operation of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, the environmental monitoring is carried out by the Radiation Safety Department. There is a Laboratory of Environment Protection (LEP) which carried out radiation and environmental monitoring of the environment. The laboratory is equipped with contemporary supersensitive equipment (produced by world famous leading companies such as GANBERRA, ORTEC etc), which enable receiving precise information about the radiation parameters of the environment. The monitoring is carried out for the following object of the environment:

· Atmospheric air – 4 stationary aspiration equipment installed at different distances from the ANPP (from 500 meters to 35 km).

· Atmospheric decrease – 14 stationary cuvettes (at a distance from 100 m up to 35 km from the ANPP), sampling, preparation and measurement.

· Soil – 14 stationary sampling spots, which are located near cuvettes (at a distance from 100 m up to 35 km from the ANPP), sampling, preparation and measurement.

· Vegetation - sampling, preparation and measurement from 14 stationary spots.

· Water from rivers and lakes - sampling, preparation and measurement from 9 water objects.

· Bottom residues and moss – merely sampling, preparation and measurement from water objects.

· Groundwater- controlled through underground boreholes, which are located in the direction of groundwater current.

· Magnitude of gamma radiation – only 16 stationary spots, measurements are carried out through mobile equipment.

· Agricultural products, which are grown in a diameter of 1-12 km area.

Besides the lab measurements, the ANPP has special computer software adopted by the IAEA, which enables calculating the overload of population dose taking into consideration the real emissions of the ANPP. The radiation zone monitoring includes an area with a 12-kilometer-long diameter from the ANPP. There is a database on environment radiation parameters established in the ANPP, which is continuously replenished and analyzed. This database includes data from the very beginning of the ANPP operation till now. It should be mentioned that the radiation background has changed only once in the ANPP location area in 1986 caused by the NPP accident in Chernobyl. Besides this database, ANPP has continuously replenishing meteorological databases on the ANPP geographical location, ANPP location geological characteristics.

As prescribed, the ANPP annually submits a report on the monitoring findings to RA Nature Protection Ministry. Besides that, every year “Environmental Passport of ANPP JSC” is developed which reflects the annual production activities.

Air outflows from ANPP controlled zone pass through mechanical cleaning filters before getting into the atmosphere then through air filters of high efficiency. Monitoring of permanent activity is carried out, both emissions flowing into the air basin, as well as aggregate activity and that of radionuclide composition. The ANPP has set a schedule for effective control of air filters. In case of the decrease in effectiveness, filters are replaced.

During the entire operation of the ANPP, no excess in the administrative level of ANPP emissions and outflows have been observed. The average specific activity of ANPP emissions and outflow is approximately two classes lower than the statutory norms.

According to the Armenian legislation, the information about radiation situation in ANPP area are not considered as confidential and shall be provided to state and local governmental bodies upon their request and in full volume.

RA Nature Protection Ministry has permitting drilling 6 boreholes for a groundwater use permit for industrial purposes under the submitted documentation package.”

10:54 November 29, 2018


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