Negative Opinion Issued to Gladzor Mining Project

Negative Opinion Issued to Gladzor Mining Project


The Nature Protection Ministry has issued a negative opinion to the EIA report of Gladzor polymetallic mining project submitted by “Vayq Metal” LLC. The grounds for such an opinion have been the incompleteness of the EIA, as well as the negative opinions of Gladzor and Vernashen communities on Gladzor mining project.

“According to the letter N 15-126 of Gladzor Regional Municipality, Vayots Dzor Region, dated on 09.12.2016 and resolution N48 of the Aldermen’s Council, on 06.12.2016 159 out of 165 participants in the public hearings opposed to Gladzor polymetallic mining. As substantiation, the community presented that it selects agriculture as a development perspective in the form of farming, viniculture, wine making, cattle breeding etc., while the community will lose its pastures, when the mine is developed. At the same time, mining will also harm and pollute the water flows originating from the aforementioned area. There may be negative impacts on environment, human health, as well as agriculture developing in the community. Vernashen Community Head has also submitted the negative opinion and concerns of the community with its letter N 75 dated on 24.11.2016, where he particularly expressed his concerns on the existing springs in the area and red-listed animal species,” says the negative opinion of “Environmental Impact Expertise” SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry.

14:58 December 19, 2016

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