Meghri Community Gave Its Consent to Litchqvaz-Tey Gold Mining

Meghri Community Gave Its Consent to Litchqvaz-Tey Gold Mining


Meghri community gave its consent to the development of Litchqvaz-Tey gold mining at the public hearings held on 16 May. Meghri Community Head Mkhitar Zaqaryan attached much importance to this mining project in terms of socio-economic development and considered not mining natural resources as illogical. According to him, there won't be any tailing dump in the community and the damage will be minimum.

Whereas a Meghri activist told EcoLur that mining contains high risks, 'Radioactive mass and heavy metals getting absorbed with mine water as a result of explosions will find themselves in the Meghri River. Though the company says that radiation background there is quite low, the mine has dispersed uranium and thorium, which is not useful for industrial purposes, but can be lethal for the area as a result of contacting open air. There is no guarantee there won't be any breakdown and polluted water won't get into the Meghri River, which supplies water to the land areas in Meghri area,' Meghri activist said.

Litchqvaz-Tey gold mine is located in Syunik Region, on the right bank of the middle reach of Meghriget River. Nearby residential areas are Yeghnikasar, Vardanidzor, Lehvaz, Tghkout and Litchq villages and Aygedzor residential settlement.

'Litchqvaz' CJSC, a member of 'Polymetal International' Company Group, will develop the mine is closed manner. Annually 300,000 tons of ore will be mined, while operation period is 12.5 years. The mine contains gold, silver, pyrite and other substances.

The water needed for mine development will be taken from the Meghri River. The project doesn't say anything about the impact of the mine on specially protected areas of nature. It should be mentioned that 'Areviq' National Park is located in Meghri Area. The project doesn't contain any information on how far the mine is from the borders of the national park. The project only says, 'According to CH 245-71 sanitary standards, which operate in the area of Armenia, in case of underground mining of metals and metalloids, the sanitary-buffer zone is 100 meters except for mercury, arsenic and manganese.'

The ore mined from Litchqvaz-Tey gold mine will be processed in Kapan Ore Dressing Plant.

17:03 May 22, 2017

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