'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC Didn't Have Any Financial Relations with EITI Public Group Members

'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC Didn't Have Any Financial Relations with EITI Public Group Members


'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC Hasn't had any financial relations with Inga Zarafyan, President of 'EcoLur' Informational NGO, Arthur – Grigoryan - President of 'EcoRight' NGO, as well as other representatives of the EITI public group, as 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC Director General Dmitriy Ushkov answered in reply to NGO's enquiry.

Reminder: 5 public representatives, who were included in the EITI process, addressed a letter to mining companies to disclose financial relations with those NGOs, which were accused of blackmailing money in the scandalous video. The video had been made incognito and was posted on Facebook page – 'Beyond Brackets', which was also opened anonymously – all the emails, addresses and personal data were hidden.

The reply letter from 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC says, 'In reply to your enquiry dated on 09.01.2017 we would like to advise that 'Dundee Precious Metals Kapan' CJSC was purchased by 'Polymetal' Company in 28.04.2016 and has hereinafter been renamed 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC.'

As a part of 'Polymetal' Group 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC doesn't follow the practice of such interrelations with public representatives (including environmental NGOs), which aim to and/or lead to the misrepresentation of impartiality of their assessments and judgements, while the company hasn't had any direct or indirect interrelations with the people listed in the enquiry (including those leading to financial obligations).

At the same time we would like to inform that all the enterprises in 'Polymetal' group have international advanced criteria on the procedure of interrelations with stakeholders, in the frames of which 'Kapan Ore Processing Combine' CJSC is willing for an open and constructive dialogue both with environmental NGOs and other interested public organizations.'

13:48 February 06, 2017

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