If Court Finds in Favour of 'Vayq Metal', Company Has No Right to Develop Gladzor Mine: Lawyer

If Court Finds in Favour of 'Vayq Metal', Company Has No Right to Develop Gladzor Mine: Lawyer


On 30 May the Administrative Court of Armenia will publish its ruling on Gladzor mine: in this court case, “Vayq Metal” LLC is demanded to annul the rejection of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources to issue a soil management right for Gladzor polymetallic mining project.

“Even if the court finds in favour of “Vayq Metal” LLC, anyway, the company doesn’t have any right to develop Gladzor mine, as they will need to undergo new expert assessment. According to Article 20 of RA Law “On Environmental Impact Expert Assessment and Expertise”, it’s banned to adopt fundamental document or implement the planned activity without the positive expert assessment,’ Lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan said during her meeting with Vernashen community representatives. 

Gladzor mining project affected Gladzor and Vernashen communities are not involved as a third party in this court case. Vernashen Community Head Miqayel Baghdasaryan mentioned, if the court finds in favour of ‘Vayq Metal’ LLC, they will demand to overturn this ruling and to involve Vernashen community as the third party. ‘Even one per cent of our community doesn’t agree to the development of Gladzor mine. We have a map, where Gladzor mine field is presented as a uranium one. This mine was examined and then it was closed, when uranium was detected, and it was called ‘Ghazma’, which means “Don’t touch”,’ Vernashen Community Head Miqayel Baghdasaryan said.

Still in November 2016 “Vayq Metal” LLC introduced heavy machinery into the area of Vernashen Community to carry out certain works, and at that time, Vernashen and Galdzor residents stopped these works together with their community works and demanded to take out heavy machinery out of the community area. “One of the tractors drove away, but the second one is still in our area. We have called upon the police, as the other tractor is still remaining in our community area illegally,” Gegham Margaryan, Member of Aldermen’s Council of Vernashen Community was angry. Vernashen Community Head also presented the community development projects, which are in conflict with the mining project. 

More details in EcoLur’s next publication.

16:08 May 29, 2017

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