Hazardous Heritage of Armanis Mine from Bird Height

Hazardous Heritage of Armanis Mine from Bird Height


Armanis gold-polymetallic mine located in Lori Region isn’t developed for already for year and a half, but anyway it continues polluting environment. This mine is located in a distance of 7.5 km from Stepanavan Town and since 2011 it has been developed by “Global Metals (Arm) Limited” Company as represented by “Sagamar” CJSC.

In 2015 the company submitted Armanis mine expansion project for the environmental expertise, received positive opinion and stopped mining for some reasons leaving a pile of wastes on the road connecting the mine with Stepanavan Town.

According to Armanis mine expansion project, the mine shall be developed for 7 years in opencast manner and 26.6 years in closed manner. After mining is over, the project plans to place warning signs in hazardous places in a distance of 20-25 meters from the borderline of the open pit, and placing fences across the entire borderline. The road serving the open pit should have also been fenced. The throats of the mine should have been closed with metallic mines at the closure of underground mine. The tails occupying a territory of 83.4 ha should have been covered with soil layers of 157.46 thousand m3 after the development of the open mine.
EcoLur has visited Armanis mine area and shot the area with an unmanned aerial vehicle. It evidently shows that no recovery has been carried out in this area. The contamination with hazardous wastes expands in the adjacent land areas in parallel with precipitation, while at the moment of shooting the villagers had their cows pasturing there.

Armanis mine ore contains: gold –11350 kg – 0.84 g/t, silver - 149998.4 kg – 11.1 g/t, copper - 145930.8 tons, zinc - 289456.7 tons, lead - 168901.4 tons.


16:33 November 25, 2016

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