'Golden Land' and 'Metals Mining Group' Companies Intend to Search for Gold in Sisian Area

'Golden Land' and 'Metals Mining Group' Companies Intend to Search for Gold in Sisian Area


Two companies, 'Golden Land' and 'Metals Mining Group', have simultaneously presented applications to search for valuable metals in two polymetallic mine fields in Syunik Region in 2017-2020. 'Golden Land' company is planning to assess gold and accompanying metal reserves in Arevis polymetallic mine field. The geological works will be carried out on 800 ha area near Arevis, Tasik and Bnunis communities. The main water body in the prospected area is Sisian River with its numerous streamlets.

'Metals Mining Group' company intends to assess the reserves of gold, copper, molybdenum and other accompanying metals in Shamb polymetallic mine field.

The geoprospecting works will be carried out on 877 ha of land areas in Darpas, Vorotan, Uyts and Tolors communities, out of which 38.6 ha are forest land areas. The main water bodies in the prospected area are the Vorotan and Sisian Rivers with their numerous streamlets.
'Zangezour' state reserve is located in the area of two mine fields. According to the applications, the areas designed for geoprospecting are not included in the area of the state reserve.

The public hearings of Shamb polymetallic mine field are appointed at 13:00 on 29 May in Tolors Regional Municipality in Syunik Region, while the hearings of Arevis polymetallic mine fields are appointed at 12:00 on 30 May in Tasik Regional Municipality in Syunik Region.

17:12 May 22, 2017

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