Court Case on Litchq Mine Again Postponed

Court Case on Litchq Mine Again Postponed


The court hearing on Litchq mine to be held today in the Administrative Court was again postponed. 'EcoRight' NGO has filed a claim to annul all the permitting documents for Litchq copper mining project. The respondents are RA Nature Protection Ministry and RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources.

Before adjourning the hearing Judge Arman Dilanyan outlined that given the facts laid down in the claim form show that the claim shall be filed to recognize the administrative acts underlying Litchq mining permit as non-legitimate rather than annul them.

The respondents have submitted responds that the area allotted to 'Tatstone' LLC doesn't comply with the area of Arevik National Park. They drew the same contoure as of the national park, but the areas don't overlap according to their maps. Only one question shll be considered: whether or not the areas overlap?' Hayk Alumyan said in his interview with EcoLur.
The next hearing on Litch case is appointed at 10:30 on 16 May.

19:51 April 18, 2017

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