British "Oregon Gold" To Search for Gold in Shabbat River Basin



British 'Orogen Gold' intends to prospect Mutsk gold-polymetallic mine field in 2017-2019, while in 2013 'Orogen Gold' signed a memorandum of understanding with 'GeoRaid' CJSC for the implementation of Mutsk project. The public hearings of the EIA of the project (second one) are appointed at 12:00 on 12 May in Mutsk Regional Municipality, Syunik Region, Armenia. Mutsk (Mazra, Bardzravan) polymetallic mine field is located in Syunik Region, in the basin of Shaght River. Besides gold, the mine contains copper, zinc, silver, selenium, thellur, bismuth, thallium, indium, cadmium, gallium, mercury and iron. 23 holes will be drilled for the purpose of geoprospecting and 23 drilling grounds will be constructed. The area of the planned activities make up 600 ha. It is mentioned that the material drill out of the holes will undergo radiometric measurements to find out radiation properties.

12:56 May 11, 2017

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