Mining- Main Cause of Water Resource Pollution
12:13 December 14, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
“Qajaran combine takes the high-quality clean drinking water from the upper reach of the Voghji River, which is used in the mining, then this water turns into sewage, which flows into the tailing dump and then into the rivers thus polluting
Natural Resource Management Concept Developed
15:37 December 13, 2016 | Mining
The concept of natural resource management is in development process. According to Shushaik Qerobyan, Head of Department for Natural Resources and General Geology of
Kick off Meeting of EITI Working Group Held
17:46 November 25, 2016 | Mining | Yerevan
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has proceeded into a legal stage: on 24 November the Armenian Government reached a decision on establishing a multi-stakeholder
Hazardous Heritage of Armanis Mine from Bird Height
16:33 November 25, 2016 | Mining | Lori
Armanis gold-polymetallic mine located in Lori Region isn’t developed for already for year and a half, but anyway it continues polluting environment. This mine is located
262 Mines Developed in Armenia
15:09 November 14, 2016 | Mining
Currently 445 permits for development of metallic and non-metallic mines have been issued in Armenia, as well as 47 permits for geologica

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