Accountable and Transparent Management Challenges and Tasks in Mining
17:41 April 03, 2017 | Mining
On 28 March a discussion was held at Media Center on “Accountable and Transparent Management Challenges and Tasks in Mining”. The speakers were Khachik Hakobyan, Deputy Nature Protection Minister, Armen Stepanyan – Chief Manager for Sustainable Development at “Lydian Armenia” and Arthur Grigoryan – President

15:47 March 20, 2017 | Mining
"Free Democrats" party taking part in the parliamentary elections promises to ban mining in Armenia by offshore companies. In its election programme the section on the mining, nuclear energy and environmental protection
Armenia Became EITI Candidate Country
15:10 March 13, 2017 | Mining
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Board approved Armenia’s EITI candidature application at the EITI board meeting held
AEF: Acidic Drainage of Mines and Its Ecological Hazards
11:58 March 01, 2017 | Mining
Most metallic mines in Armenia, which are developed, non-operated and prospected, have a huge potential for acidic ore drainage. These are both gold-sulphide formation mines (Amulsar, Armanis, Litchqaz-Tey, Sotq, Meghradzor, Tukh Manuk, Drmbon etc) and copper and molybdenum and
Fire in Car Service Located in ZCMC Area
14:54 February 17, 2017 | Mining | Syunik
On February 16, at 13:54 information was received that a fire had broken out in a car service station in the territory
Court Hearings on Amulsar and Litchq Mines Postponed
18:41 February 16, 2017 | Mining
The court hearings on Amulsar and Litchq mines to be held in RA Administrative Court on 16 February have been put off: One case refers to the cancelation of permitting documents on Amulsar gold mining project

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