No Redundancies in "Dundee Precious Metals Kapan"
19:15 February 11, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
Business viewpoint on mining problems: in his interview with EcoLur “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” CJSC Director Hrach Jabrayan presented his viewpoint.
Bitter Consequences of Teghout Mine
17:23 February 08, 2016 | Mining | Lori
The wastewater flowing out of Teghout Mine goes into the Shnogh River thus becoming a serious source of pollution. It doesn’t matter how much
Geghanush Discussions Didn't Give Desirable Results
18:24 January 29, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
On 22 January “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” Company held a meeting with Geghanush villagers, Syunik Region, in regard with their claim on damage caused by Geghanush tailing dump. The claim had been signed by
"Geoteam" CJSC Amending Amulsar Mine Project
13:45 January 29, 2016 | Mining | Syunik | Vayots dzor
Subsidiary company of “Lydian International”, “Geoteam” CJSC, has filed a new claim to Nature Protection Ministry, which proposes
Mining and Destiny of Meghri River Basin
17:49 January 27, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
The quality of the water in the Meghri River is of high class (II) with the exception of three-kilometer-long exception in the middle reach of the river – the section flowing from Tkhkout Village to Vardanidzor Village, where in spring and summer poor water
What Is Expecting to Zangezour Biosphere Complex?
18:33 January 15, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
“Zangezour Biosphere Complex” is facing the challenge of mining industry. In this complex of specially protected areas of nature, the number of people wanting to deal with mining and geoprospecting works is getting more and more
ZCMC May Leave Whole Region without Water
16:57 December 23, 2015 | Mining | Syunik
Qajaran copper and molybdenum ore mining volume expansion project will inevitably lead to problems with water. “Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine” CJSC (ZCMC) is going to make mining volumes 22 million
Mining Lands and Tailing Dumps Increased in Armenia
18:31 December 10, 2015 | Mining
In 2020 it’s planned to assess the impact of mining on biodiversity and ecosystem services and to develop and introduce mitigation action plan. This measure is planned

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