Who Will Reclaim Exploited Mines: State or Business?
18:57 August 22, 2016 | Mining | Shirak
After the disaster in Artik the problem of reclaiming derelict mines is focused by the government. During his working visit to Shirak Region RA Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan stated, “There are certain environmental problems
UN: Low Oil Prices Led To Slow Rates in Mining Growth
18:02 August 15, 2016 | Mining
Between 2010 and 2015 the annual average growth from mining and utilities in industrialized countries was around 1.0 per cent, during the same period, the annual average growth in emerging and developing
Geghanush Tailing Dump: Cancer Diseases and Zero Attention
17:48 August 03, 2016 | Mining | Syunik
Syunik Region, Geghanush Village: “During 35 years all the people living up the river died of cancer diseases,” Geghanush villager Amalya Martirosyan is complaining, who has been working as an obstetrician for 35 years in the village
Mining Sector Should Have Insurance: Lawyer
15:01 August 01, 2016 | Mining
Geghanush, Syunik and Gndevaz communities raise the problem of insurance of mining risks, as “EcoRight” NGO President, Lawyer Arthur Grigoryan commented on the problem
New Rules for Soils Users
18:08 July 29, 2016 | Mining
On 29 July the executive made an amendment to its protocol decision adopted in 2014 adding the number of documents necessary for soil management permit. So far projectors had to present environmental impact

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