Four Mining Companies Submitted Quarterly Reports on Environmental Monitoring Findings

Four Mining Companies Submitted Quarterly Reports on Environmental Monitoring Findings


Four companies operating metallic mines have submitted their quarterly reports on the findings of the environmental monitoring: these are companies 'Lydian Armenia', 'Teghout', 'Litchqvaz', 'Kapane Ore-Dressing Combine' CJSCs. Their reports are published on the official website of RA Nature Protection Ministry. This process is carried out in line with governmental resolution № 191-N ‘On Approving Requirements of Implementing Planned Monitoring for Purpose of Reducing Environmental Losses Because of Soil Management, Prevention of Irreversible Impact, As Well As on Approving Procedure for Submitting Reports on Findings’.

Reminder: EcoLur has dispatched an inquiry to RA Nature Protection Ministry requesting to provide information about the performance of the requirements of this resolution, as well as the actions of the ministry taken against the companies having not performed the requirements of the resolution.'

In reply, Acting Chief Secretary of RA Nature Protection Ministry Vahe Jilavyan informed in writing, 'For the purpose of regulating the procedure of submitting reports on environmental monitoring findings to reduce environmental losses because of soil management, to prevent irreversible impact RA Nature Protection Ministry has applied to RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources with a request to ensure the proper notification of the soil managers on the necessity of submitting quarterly communications and annual reports. The quarterly communications presented in the format laid down in governmental resolution № 191-N dated on 22 February 2018 and are available at'

13:46 December 06, 2018


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