National Assembly Expert: Mego Gold LLC Implementing Illegal Activities

National Assembly Expert: Mego Gold LLC Implementing Illegal Activities


Hermine Poghosyan, Expert at the National Assembly Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environment, stated that “Mego Gold” LC is implementing illegal activities. She made this statement at the public hearings on Tukhmanuk gold mine project held in Meliq Vellage, Aragatsotn Region, on 10 September. Hermine Poghosyan: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environment is very interested in this issue. We have applied to competent bodies many times expecting expert opinions on the information and any other additional information. You don’t have an expert opinion for open pit mining. The opinion you have is issued for closed mining. We have an official letter that you don’t have the opinion of the expertise for open pit mining, i.e. your activities are illegal. “Mego Gold” LLC Director Ashot Poghosyan: As you attended the project discussion, which already has legal force, I should say that it was submitted to the competent body on 11 September 2012. Let’s consider that you were inattentive and you didn’t see it. Hermine Poghosyan: We applied to the Ministry in 2013. Ashot Poghosyan: You didn’t enquire us at ll. Hermine Poghosyan: Do you think that the ministry provided us with incorrect information? Ashot Poghosyan: I don’t think so and it’s not true for 100% that the standing committee of the National Assembly is involved in the secret investigation, I don’t believe you. Karine Movsisyan, Chief Expert at “Environmental Expertise” SNCO of Nature Protection Ministry: In 2006 an opinion was issued, which entitled “Mego Gold” LLC to carry out geoprospecting for two years to make a conclusion about reserves etc. Afterwards they should have submitted closed mining project. That is, our opinion issued in 2006 for open pit mining was valid for two years, then they should proceed to closed mining. Then our administration stated that the company didn’t submit us any project till 2013. This is the situation.

16:47 September 17, 2014


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