Whether Public Discussion of Petroleum and Gas Geological Prospecting by "AGAPE" Company To Be Held in Kapan?

Whether Public Discussion of Petroleum and Gas Geological Prospecting by


The second public discussions of the geological prospecting for petroleum and natural gas in the 6th condition area submitted by 'AGAPE' LLC are planned to be held in Kapan Municipality on 5 November 2018. Nevertheless, there already responses on the Internet against the activities of this company and the public discussions. Particularly, there an alarm signal beaten on EcoLur's EcoAlarm webpage, which says, 'Canadian miner Hrach Jabrayan has announced about his plants to carry out petroleum and gas reserve prospecting in Kapan area which is rich in biodiversity. It will damage the sustainable development of the region and all the efforts aimed at developing ecotourism and agriculture.

One of the Facebook users made a post, 'Dear Kapan Community youth, please, be informed that at 14:00 on 5 November, another decision will be made to drill and dig your land areas in your villages for the purpose of searching for gas and petroleum at the building of Kapan Municipality. We are calling for everyone to attend this meeting and to be the owner of your land area and the future of the water.

The project of 'AGAPE' LLC says that there won't be any effect on the existing water resources, flora, and fauna, as well as protected areas in the course of the geological prospecting. The company also plans to carry out an investigation in the area of optimized Kapan community from 2018 to 2023, which includes Kapan Town and 12 rural residential areas.

The company was not able to conduct the second hearings of its project on 22 May 2018, as a number of environmentalists, civil society representatives and the residents of the stakeholder communities had blocked the door to the hall of Kapan Municipality and didn't allow the public hearings to be held. The public hearings planned on 14 September 2018 weren't also held because of the absence of the company representatives.

'AGAPE' LLC is a private company established in Montreal. The Executive Chairman and Founder of the company is Graeme Johnson, Chief Executive Officer – Hratch Jabrayan and Nerses Karamanukyan is the Director of AGAPE Armenia.

Reminder: in 2017 'AGAPE' LLC submitted a project for environmental impact assessment for the geological exploration of petroleum and gas in the 5th conditional area in Vayots Dzor. It should be mentioned that the company also wanted to search for petroleum and gas in Tavush Region, Besides Vayots Dzor Region.

19:32 October 31, 2018


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