Public Hearings of Project by "AGAPE" on Oil and Gas Exploration Boycotted in Kapan

Public Hearings of Project by


The second public hearings of the geological exploration for oil and gas by 'AGAPE' LLC was appointed on 11 December in Kapan.

In his interview with EcoLur, the representative of 'Yerkir Tsirani' party in Kapan, environmentalist Davit Hakobyan said that some representatives of political parties acting in Akapan, environmentalists, and active citizens have their position reconfirmed during the discussions that they are against development of new mines in Syunik and noted they want to see Syunik's development in another way. 'Guided people were taking part in the discussions who worked in the combines and had or have business relations with Hrach Jabrayan. We boycotted these hearings, said whatever we wanted to say and left the hall without signing anything.' Davit Hakobyan said.

Hasmik Harutyunyan, Press Secretary of Kapan Mayor, informed EcoLur that the parties hadn't reached an agreement as a result of the discussions. The discussions will be continued.

Reminder: 'Agape' LLC wants to carry out geological explorations for oil and gas in Syunik Region. Nevertheless, the public hearings of the company's project are postponed for an already 4th time.

17:47 December 11, 2018


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