Again Obstacles Created for Normal Operation of Sotq Mine

Again Obstacles Created for Normal Operation of Sotq Mine, Khosrov Khlgatyan

At the midday of 22 May, a group of Vardenis activists again blocked with their cars all the roads running to the administrative and mining area in Sotw, as well as the railway this time raising environmental problems and demanding the cessation of the mining. As Sotq Chief Engineer Harutyun Harutyunyan informed the Armenpress, the activists with their 10 cars blocked the roads and hinder exclusively the operation of the mine, while the local authorities and police haven't still interfered in this matter.

'Last Thursday and Friday they were demanding the resignation of the administration of the mining company and posed the problem of employment, while now they are raising only environmental problems demanding to close down the mine, as its activities allegedly intoxicate rivers, air, damage people's health etc. Right now we can't take any measures and will have to stop the operation unless relevant bodies interfere in this matter. It's noteworthy that 700 people are employed at Sotq mine, while the mine is operated in line with the environmental standards and all the documents are legal,' Harutyun Harutyunyan outlined.

14:06 May 23, 2018


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