State Forest Committee Shouldn't Be Under Any Ministry: Nazeli Vardanyan

State Forest Committee Shouldn't Be Under Any Ministry: Nazeli Vardanyan


EcoLur continues presenting the experts' opinions on the draft protocol resolution 'Concept Paper on Forest Sector Reforms', which proposes to delegate the governance of all the forest areas, including specially protected areas of nature, to one body - State Forest Committee. Currently, the opportunity of implementing unified forest management under the Nature Protection Ministry is being discussed: as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said.
In Environmental Lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan's opinion, Director of 'Forests of Armenia' NGO, the delegation of unified management of forests to any ministry is wrong.

'The RA national forest program, forest national policy, and strategy say that a unified forest foundation or forest committee shall be established. Here it's not the name, which is important, but the status. This committee shouldn't be under any ministry, but it should be adjunct to the government. The President of the Committee shall be able to submit the programs to the government directly. The Committee shall develop its policy and there shall be different services for the preservation of individual forests and specifically protected areas of nature. The nature protection ministry can implement its inspection function, but can't carry out both governance and supervision at the same time,' Nazeli Vardanyan expressed her opinion.
Currently 'ArmForest' SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry performs governance functions on around 75% of forest land areas. Around 25% of the forests, which are specifically protected areas of nature, are governed by RA Nature Protection Ministry.

15:37 September 28, 2017

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