Special Accounts Opened To Support ‘Khosrov Forest’ State Reserve

Special Accounts Opened To Support ‘Khosrov Forest’ State Reserve

Information and Public Relations Department of RA Nature Protection Ministry

RA Nature Protection Ministry informs that special ban accounts have been opened for ‘Khosrov Forest’ State Reserve, where the accumulated funds will be directed to the strengthening of firefighting capacities of the reserve and other needs.

A public council is planned to establish for the implementation of proper measures and the funds on the special accounts consisting of experts, public figures, as well as the representatives of the donors.

Below are the banking data of the special accounts:

Support ‘Khosrov Forest’ State Reserve State Non-Commercial Organization

79 Kasyan, Vedi Town, Ararat Region, Armenia

Tax Payer Registration Number - 04108656

Acba-Credit Agricole Bank CJSC

AMD - A/N 220129690305000

USD - 220415140015001

Rubles - 220129690016958

Euro - 220415140049002      

12:10 August 22, 2017

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