Proposed to Establish One Single Body for Management of Forests in Armenia

Proposed to Establish One Single Body for Management of Forests in Armenia


The proposal to establish RA State Forest Committee was discussed at the public discussion ' Amendments to Forest-Sector Related Legislation and Administration Structure' public discussion. In the frames of ENPI FLEG 2 project it's proposed to unite forest fund land areas under the governance of 'ArmForest' SNCO and forest areas of specially protected areas of nature. 

According to the official data, 'ArmForest' SNCO of RA Agriculture Ministry controls 344,2000 ha in specially protected areas of nature in national parks and 13 reserves located under the subordination of RA Nature Protection Ministry: forest landscape occupy area of 110 269.2 ha.
SCOPE National Coordinator Armen Gevorgyan mentioned that 'ArmForest' has problems with control over the forest and in case of a union these problems will be transferred to the specifically protected areas of nature, which shouldn't be permitted.

'ArmForest' SNCO Director Martun Matevosyan noted for his part that the forest sector needs serious reforms. Reforms are regularly offered by 'ArmForest', but they are not accepted for some reasons.

The amendments to Article 25 of Land Code were also discussed, as well as amendments proposed to Article 14 of RA Law 'on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise', and a number of amendments to governmental resolutions. Nazeli Vardanyan, Director of 'Forests of Armenia' NGO, presented legislative and institutional amendments.

The discussion was held in the frames of European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument – Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Programme (ENPI FLEG 2) with the support of Austrian Development Agency and World Bank. The objective of ENPI FLEG 2 is to improve forest management.


15:01 April 25, 2017

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