'ATP' Planted 64,107 Trees in Tashir and Stepanavan

'ATP' Planted  64,107 Trees in Tashir and Stepanavan


'ATP' Charity Foundation planted 64,107 trees in Tashir and Stepanavan this year: the main tree planting was carried out in Tashir, where 59,816 trees were planted on the community land area adjacent to Mikhaylovka village. 'These are mainly pine trees and a small number of wild fruit trees – apple and pear trees. The area makes up around 34 ha, while the works are still in progress. We are planning to accomplish them in this fall,' 'ATP' Forester Vahe Martirosyan told EcoLur.

He mentioned that the residents of the adjacent communities also took part in this tree planting, while mainly supplementary works were carried out in Stepanavan by planting trees and replacing dry and damaged trees with new ones.

The photos used in the materials have been provided by Vahe Martirosyan.

15:25 March 31, 2017

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