What's Happening in Shnogh Forests?
14:15 February 09, 2016 | Forest | Lori
On 6 February the group of volunteers of 'Pan-Armenian Environmental Front' civic initiative in the frames of 'Public Monitoring of Forests' program visited Shnogh Forestry
"ArmForest" Claiming that Deforestation in Stepanavan Was Planned
14:04 November 27, 2015 | Forest | Lori
The other day Martun Matevosyan, Director of "ArmForest" SNCO, said about the tree felling detected by ecologists in Stepanavan forestry that tree cutting was legally allowed there. Reminder: In Stepanavan forestry the volunteers
Tracing Destroyed Forest 4- Lori (Photos)
14:17 October 27, 2015 | Forest | Lori
As a result of the first field trips carried out in the frames of 'Public Monitoring of Forests' a group of volunteers of the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front civic initiative visited several sections of Dsegh and Yeghegnut forestry

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