Living Here Is Already Heroism (Photos)
16:19 September 08, 2015 | Forest | Lori | Syunik
Tanzaver Village is all surrounded with forest, and even in this hot summer it’s humid there. No shop, transport only once a week. The village used to have a shop, but it had to be closed, as the whole village ran
Armenian Police Tracing Illegal Tree Felling
14:17 September 04, 2015 | Forest | Kotayk | Tavush
On 2 September 2015 the policemen of Kotayk Regional Division arrested people in Hrazdan Town, Kotayq Region and Dilijan Town, in Tavush Region,
Population in Mining Town Shamlugh Reduced 4-5 Times (Photos)
14:11 September 02, 2015 | Forest | Lori
Despite the currently operating mining enterprise – Akhtala Ore Dressing Combine (AODC), the population in Shamlukh Town has reduced by 4-5 times. If over 5000 people used to live in Shamlugh before the collapse of the USSR, their current number is about 1000 people
Upcoming Mining Project Divided Tsaghkashat into Two Parts
13:11 September 02, 2015 | Forest | Lori
Tsaghkashat village, a village surrounded with forests, is currently discussing about opencast copper mining project by “Vallex” Company, which should stretch from Teghut from Tsaghkashat.
Forest Stories: Tavush Region (Photos)
13:22 August 28, 2015 | Forest | Tavush
. In reply to Expert Laywer Nazeli Vardanyan’s remark that this volume makes up 8 cubic meters per year, people answered that it didn’t matter, as the fallen deadwood doesn’t have this amount. “Who can walk 5-6 km? No forest nearby
Vallex Group Intends to Expand its Areas in Lalvar Forest
16:20 August 24, 2015 | Forest | Lori
“Teghout” CJSC, a part of Vallex Group Company, intends to prospect for copper and molybdenum in the basin of Shnogh River, forest areas of Lori Region. The public hearings of Tsaghkashat-Akhtenq copper and molybdenum mine field will be held in the area of Teghut mountainous complex located in
Diana Harutyunyan: Forests in Armenia Should Be Inventoried
15:04 August 07, 2015 | Forest
The forests in Armenia should be inventoried, as UNDP Climate Change Project Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan said during the round table “What We Lose and Get in Forest Sector In Terms of Climate Change” held

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