44.5 ha of Pine Forest Planted in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise
17:46 May 29, 2015 | Forest | Tavush
44.5 ha of pine forest has been planted in Sevqar Forestry Enterprise of “ArmForest” SNCO, Tavush Region. On 27 May the employees of “State Forest Monitoring Center” SNCO and NGOs had a joint visit to Sevqar Forestry Enterprise to see
Tree Planting in Aragyugh Community Area
15:22 April 01, 2015 | Forest | Kotayk
On 10 April “ATP” Charity Fund will carry out a tree planting in the area of Aragyugh community, Kotayq Region, in the area
Afterword to International Day of Forests
11:59 March 26, 2015 | Forest
The results of the forest monitoring carried out by “ArmForest” SNCO together with GIZ haven’t been published either. Meanwhile scanty information extracted from different sources make us alert and statements about gradual decrease in illegal felling
Forest Fires in Armenia Tend to Get More
14:02 February 02, 2015 | Forest
In recent years the number of forest fires has increased in Armenia. As “National Policy on Fire Management in Forest Land Areas, Specially Protected Areas of Nature, Agricultural Land Areas and

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