Martz Village Drinking Water Springs Dried Out
16:39 October 07, 2014 | Forest | Lori
The springs of the drinking water in Martz Village, Lori Region, have dried out, as the villagers told EcoLur. The problem with the drinking water arose still
See Trees Felled Down Under Sanitary Felling
14:29 July 16, 2014 | Forest | Ararat
These shots were made in Berqanush Village, Ararat Region. The pictures show that tall and strong trees have been felled down. We don’t
Dangerous To Access Forest
13:53 June 24, 2014 | Forest | Aragatsotn | Kotayk | Vayots dzor
To avoid any poisoning 25 days after the end of the chemical measures, it’s strictly prohibited for people and animals to access...
New Nursery Yard in Botanical Garden
16:33 June 20, 2014 | Forest
he nursery yard has been established in the frames of the project funded by WWF Switzerland. The establishment of the nursery yard cost...

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