Tree Planting in Yerablur and Specially Protected Areas of Nature

Tree Planting in Yerablur and Specially Protected Areas of Nature


The RA Ministry of Nature Protection announced a month of Pan-Armenian tree planting within the framework of which reforestation and afforestation activities will be conducted within the 80 hectare area of forestry of all RA regions and specially protected areas of nature, planting 165 thousand saplings. The events are also accomplished through the tree plantings and cleanup days. Planting works of 60 thousand pine trees were realized within the 10 hectare area of “Sevan'' national park SNCO. The tree plantings were imported from Belarus. On 21 April the tree planting was carried out nearby Tsovagyugh community. Tree planting was also carried out in the area of 2 ha in Martuni area of Sevan national park, where 3-5-year-old pine trees were planted. 200 pine planting from Belorussian “Belgosles” pine trees have been allotted by RA Nature Protection Ministry to establish a pine park for the commemoration of April War victims in Yerablur. Around 2000 tree plantings were carried out on 21 April in the specifically protected areas of nature under the supervision of RA Nature Protection Ministry. State Forest Committee of RA Nature Protection Ministry will carry out tree planting, reforestation, afforestation and forest care works in the number of 75,000 trees in the area of 25 ha by May.

14:54 April 26, 2018


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