10 Forests to Be Establish in Northern Armenia

10 Forests to Be Establish in Northern Armenia


10 forests will be planted in Armenia's Shirak, Lori and Kotayk Regions, which will symbolize Western Armenia’s communities, which were persecuted during the Genocide. Forests initiation is made by ATP within the frame of “Living Century.” We call on all Armenians spread all over the world to sponsor this initiative by planting trees in honor of their relatives and in memory of their ancestors. “Living Century” provides opportunity to plant new Adana, Kharpert or Marash and other forests. We expect to plant 300.000 trees within the frames of “Living Century” as well as 250,000 trees, which will serve the purposes of restoring the forests” explains Executive Director Jeanmarie Papelian. www.livingcentury.org website is created for “Living Century” initiative, where one can learn about the campaign, historic Armenian communities as well as to make donations for replenish the forests with new trees.

15:57 June 30, 2015


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