SHPP Pressure on Meghri River Increasing

SHPP Pressure on Meghri River Increasing


The project on the construction of 'Meghri 2' SHPP submitted by 'Green Power' LLC is undergoing environmental expertise. The company is planning to construct a SHPP in Syunik Region on the bank of the Meghri River. 'Green Power' LLC is already developing 'Meghri 1' SHPP on the Meghri River, as well as it has been issued a positive opinion for the construction of 'Chqnagh' SHPP on the Tashtoun River, a tributary to the Meghri River.

It should be mentioned by using the potential of the Meghri River for the construction of a small hydrocascade 'Green Power' LLC was issued this spring a right to adjourn the term of paying VAT for the imported goods for 3 years.

'Meghri 2' SHPP will take up to 4.1 cum/s water from the Meghri River ensuring an environmental flow of 0.11 cum/s in the river. It's planned to annually produce 8.73 million kW/h electricity.

Among environmental risks the project mentions:
1. decrease in water yields in the river section from the river dam to the SHPP building because of water intake, which will result in the disturbance of hidraulic, thermal, residual and bed-cleaning regime, as well as self-cleaning regime.
2. Deterioration of riverbed humidity regime and further risks of desertification.
3. Change of natural feeding, spawning and reproduction conditions of the local fish.

The profit earned with the operation of 'Meghri 2' SHPP is planned to be invested into new SHPPs or construction of new production and industrial capacities.

The following SHPP already operate on the Meghri River – 'Meghri' SHPP by 'QH' LLC, – 'Nzhdeh' SHPP by 'Sar-Rub' LLC, – 'Meghri 1' SHPP by 'Green Power' LLC, which have piped almost 11.18% of the Meghri River. In case of the construction of 'Meghri 2' LLC, this indicator will reach 16.48%.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

16:22 July 11, 2017

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