Renewable Energy Use Volumes Increasing at Record Rates

Renewable Energy Use Volumes Increasing at Record Rates


The extent of using renewable energy is increasing at record rates, while it value is decreasing. The share of energy produced from renewable sources increased by 8% last year, it’s about, solar energy, windpower, biomass and wastes. The electricity production with the use of clean sources currently makes up 11.3% of the energetic balance. According to the estimates of the scientists, it resulted in preventing 1.7 gegatons of carbon dioxide emission into atmosphere, as the UN published on its official website.

As compared with fossil fuels, investments into renewable energy sector were twice as much last year. The European countries make more investments into the development of renewable energy springs, and leaders here are Great Britain and Germany. The aggregate investments of the European countries for the development of solar and wind energy increased by 3% and made up 59.8 billion USD.

The IAEA informs that due to passage to the sources of renewable energy greenhouse has emission volumes don’t increase and remain at the same level for the third year.

17:49 April 12, 2017

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