‘Apahov Taniq’ LLC Implementing ‘Vahagni’ SHPP Rehabilitation Project

‘Apahov Taniq’ LLC Implementing ‘Vahagni’ SHPP Rehabilitation Project


‘Apahov Taniq’ LLC is implementing the rehabilitation project of ‘Vahagni’ SHPP located in the administrative area of Vanadzor town and Vanadzor community in Lori Region. In his letter addressed to EcoLur, Company Director Miqayel Aramyan says, ‘We would like to inform you that our company has performed its obligations undertaken and set out in our letter 02/16 addressed to EcoLur NGO on 11 February 2016 and agreed with RA Nature Protection Ministry. All the construction works related with solution of environmental problems have been accomplished.’ In this regard, the company has provided EcoLur with the photos reflecting reforms of fish passway, dam and transformer grounds. Reminder: in the frames of project entitled “Support to SHPP-relating Reforms Through the Dialogue of Public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” in 2014-2016 EcoLur together with Nature Protection Ministry initiated SHPP rehabilitation project, in the frames of which reform proposals were made to ‘Vahagni’ SHPP.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

16:49 December 08, 2016

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