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EcoLur’s Comments on Governmental New Program In Terms of Environmental Priorities
18:35 October 21, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy
The Armenian Government has presented a new programme, which also has an environmental section. The programme describes certain actions and implementation schedules with a focus on environmental priorities. EcoLur is presenting its comments and proposals for programme implementation.
Campaign Launched in Europe Against SHPP Development  (Photos)
15:48 October 17, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy
International “EuroNatur” Foundation and “Riverwatch” organization have launched a campaign against the development of SHPs for the sake of the Balkan rivers. The slogan of the campaign is “Save the Blue Heart of Europe”.
Explanation on SHPP Studies Operating on Gegharot River
13:07 September 15, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy
The problem of SHPPs operating in Armenia is always focused by Nature Protection Ministry. Starting from 2014 up to 2015, when the inspections were suspended, the State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry checked

14:38 September 13, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Aragatsotn
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has disseminated a press release and photos, which show how "Aragats-1" SHPP has dried out the Gegharot River
Director of SHPP Drying Shaqi Waterfall Fined
13:19 September 13, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Syunik
The Nature Protection Ministry imposed a fine of 200,000 AMD on the director of “Hakobjanyan ev Galstyan” LLC operating “Shaqi” waterfall for
Construction of Cascade SHPP Planned on Dzoraget
18:43 July 06, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Lori
The SHPP building will be located on the left bank of the Dzoraget River immediately below the head section of currently operation 'Dzoraget-5' SHPP
SHPP Health Program Already in Force (Photos)
20:33 June 24, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Yerevan
As a result of the joint project on SHPPs implemented by EcoLur and Nature Protection Ministry there is SHPP health program implemented in Armenia,
SHPP Handbook Already Online
14:29 June 24, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy
“Supporting reforms in the sector of small hydro power plants through enabling a dialogue between civil society and the Ministry of Nature Protection for sustainable use of river ecosystems” handbook has been published. On 21 June, at

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