Monitoring Findings of "Aygedzor" SHPP (Photos)

Monitoring Findings of


In the frames of "Supporting New Reforms in SHPP Sector through CSO-Government Dialogue" project, the expert group visited "Aygedzor" SHPP, which is located in the administrative area of Aygedzor Community, Tavush Region, Armenia. The SHPP carried out water intake from "Aygedzor"  which carries out water intake from the joining point of the Akhnja River and the Khndzorut River. "Aygedzor" SHPP is operated by "Atlas-Energo" LLC, which also operates "Aygedzor 2" SHPP. 


  • To re-equip the SHPP with technically more effective aggregates to ensure the projected capacity of 440 kW, which will have an entirely automated management system, as using the maximum estimated yield of 0.7 cum/s the SHPP ensured 350 kW projected capacity instead of 440 kW projected capacity.
  • To carry out greening works in the areas of both SHPPs ("Aygedzor" and "Aygedzor 2" SHPPs), as the natural-climatic conditions in the area are favorable.
  •       To equip the transformers with an oil-collecting system.
  •     To equip water intake and environmental flow sections with water-meter equipment with online data transmission systems.
  •     To have water-meter equipment sealed by relevant water basin territorial management unit of Department for Water Resources of RA Nature Protection Ministry.

 The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

16:23 September 04, 2017


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