What Will Happen with Copper Price?
14:06 March 17, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
In recent weeks the price of copper has been $6,500 per ton, approaching the lowest level of...
Not Land of Stones, But Land of Tails (Photos)
18:13 March 11, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
The mining industry exposes the whole Syunik Region. Its residents have many times voiced the problems generated because of ...
New Wide Gold Zone Detected at Mutsq Mine
16:36 March 05, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
British “Orogen Gold” has discovered a wide gold zone in Mutsq mine. As the official website of “Orogen Gold” company informs, first step-out drilling discovers...
Selling Vorotan – Century's Crime
20:36 March 01, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
'Without announcing a tender the Vorotan Cascade was sold to two American companies at a price of US $180 million, which is...

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