Selling Vorotan – Century's Crime
20:36 March 01, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
'Without announcing a tender the Vorotan Cascade was sold to two American companies at a price of US $180 million, which is...
Reserves To Be Established in Shirak
11:37 February 21, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Shirak
Two new reserves will be established in Shirak Region from 2014 to 2017. One reservoir will be established in...
Six New Environmental Corridors in Meghri Borderline Territories
15:45 February 18, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
In the frames of “Friendship and Peace Park” process established between Armenia and Iran it’s planned to separate migration ways and to set proper protection regimes, which will ensure the...
Which Money Do Our Authorities Refuse From?
14:31 February 17, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
In 2011 the National Assembly of Armenia at the suggestion of the Armenian Government adopted RA Code “On Subsoil”, while almost all environmental organizations and independent experts opposed to it. The Code “On Subsoil” gave the answer to the question
Developing Economy At Expense of Ecology
11:43 February 17, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine that the expertise can issue a negative opinion to a project supported by the president at political level. It’s hard to imagine that ...
Number of Armenian Mines Can Be Added by 119
13:12 February 13, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
As of 2014, 119 mines were issued licenses for geological prospecting of natural resources, out of which 37...

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