Civil Society Calling for Future MPs of National Assembly to Make Environmental Promises Come True
15:33 March 22, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
The members of the Third Working Group (Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security) of Armenian National Platform of Civil Society Forum of EU Eastern Partnership discussed the environmental components of the alliances and partiesThe members of the Third Working Group (Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security) of Armenian National Platform of Civil Society Forum of EU Eastern Partnership discussed the environmental components of the alliances and parties taking part in the parliamentary elections of 2017 at their meeting on 21 March. The parties taking part in the elections are as follows: Republican Party of Armenia, Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Free Democrats, Haykakan Veratsnund, ‘Tsarukyan’, ‘Yelq’, ‘Congress-ADP’, ‘Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian’ alliances. During the meeting the approaches of the political powers to nature protection, use of natural resources and management were discussed. The group is calling for the future deputies of the National Assembly to make the environmental promises of the political powers come true. ‘We are worried for Armenia not to turn into a mining appendix, as it has taken this direction for many years. We are insisting that the natural resources in our country are an integral property of the Armenian people and their administration by the state shall arise from the order of the people as its owner. We are requiring the state to be responsible for each action and if a RA citizen is obliged to preserve environment according to the new Constitution, it doesn’t exonerate the state from its responsibility to preserve environment,’ the members of the third working group declared. The meeting members were Inga Zarafyan, working group coordinator and President of ‘EcoLur’ Informational NGO, Karine Danielyan – Chairman of ‘ Association for Sustainable Human Development’ NGO, Aram Gabrielyan – Expert of ‘Khazer’ Environmental and Cultural NGO, Executive director of ‘Civil Voice’ NGO Miqayel Hambardzumyan, Nazeli Vardanyan - Director of ‘Forests of Armenia’ NGO, Silva Adamyan - President of ‘Center for Bird Lovers’ NGO and Mary Chaqryan - President of ‘Public Awareness and Monitoring Center’ NGO. To be continued.

15:47 March 20, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
"Free Democrats" party taking part in the parliamentary elections promises to ban mining in Armenia by offshore companies. In its election programme the section on the mining, nuclear energy and environmental protection
Environmental Promises by
14:11 March 16, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
"Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian" Alliance is taking part in the parliamentary elections of 2017. The alliance includes Ex Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan, “Unification” Party Chairperson Vardan Oskanian and “Heritage” Party Chairperson Raffi Hovhannisian. The alliance has presented an environmental programme starting from establishing environmental police to combating desertification in Yerevan
Environmental Proposals of 'Yelq' Bloc
11:08 March 15, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
To implement comprehensive garbage cleaning of the environment with “Food for Work” formula and involvement of volunteers and grant funds by cleaning riverbeds, forest and
In Energetic Metsamor Lessons in Winter Are Carried out With Coats and  Gloves
16:51 March 14, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Armavir
As a closest residential area to the nuclear power plant, Metsamor residents used to have privileges in paying electricity fees, but now they don't have any. Because of heavy social conditions and high electricity fees, 80% of Metsamor residents burn wood
Environmental Promises by RPA
16:10 March 14, 2017 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
In case of victory in the parliamentary elections on 2017 the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will establish one single system of permits and licenses issued in the nature protection sector. The aim is to alleviate the burden
Ecology and War
16:45 April 04, 2016 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
Drastic deterioration of Karabagh conflict didn’t turn into a surprise for us, the citizens of our country. It doesn’t matter for us how to call it, what happens, whether it’s war or not, or military incident with limited scales
"Syunik Online" Information Forum Opened
14:40 March 10, 2016 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
'Syunik Online' (www.syunikonline.am) information forum has been opened in Syunik Region. The website will cover environmental, economic, legal, cultural, socio-economic topics
What Actions Are Done To Introduce 'Green Economy' into Armenia?
17:57 February 11, 2016 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
The kick off meeting of the “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” program (RECP) was held in April 2015 in Yerevan in the frames of the actions aimed at introducing “green economy” policy, where the activities

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