Question to Mining Companies – What Are Your Financial Relations with NGOs for “Correct” Publications?

Question to Mining Companies – What Are Your Financial Relations with NGOs for “Correct” Publications?


Five representatives of civil society included in the working group on EITI transparency process addressed a letter to mining companies on opening data about their financial relations with NGOs, which were accused of extortion in the sensational video. This video had been made by anonymous people and posted on FB page 'Beyond Brackets', which was again anonymously opened with hidden electronic mail etc.

The letter is addressed to those companies, which were mentioned in the video as providing money for their 'correct' publications.

Reminder: the Armenian Police didn't reveal the authors of the video and qualified this video under Article 1087.1 of RA Civil Code – libel.

“On 25 November 2016 a video was posted on “Beyond Brackets” FB page by unknown people, which particularly said, “There are documentary evidences that “EcoLur” NGO receives money from certain mining companies for good coverage. It has been proved that “EcoLur” has received several dozens of millions through several trenches, out of which the largest was 81 million AMD. This working style belongs to Inga Zarafyan, member of 'Transparency International Anticorruption Center', President of 'EcoLur' Informational NGO and Director of Information Center of NAS RA. A number of stakeholders helped her in such working style, including...Arthur Grigoryan and other interrelated people. There are serious ground to suppose that in this way Inga Zarafyan and her friends are building and build relations with such mining companies such as 'GeoProMining', 'Dundee Precious Metals', 'Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine' etc. As a matter of fact, EcoLur's activities are blackmailing and extortion.”

You can find the video on FB webpage at:

Taking into consideration that six people out of those mentioned in the video are members of Multi-stakeholder group of EITI (Inga Zarafyan, Arthur Grigoryan, “Transparency International Anticorruption Center”, “GeoProMining Gold” LLC, “Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine” CJSC and “GeoMining” LLC) we think that the information in the video will have an immediate impact on the regular activities of the Multi-stakeholder group.

It should be mentioned that the EITI Standard for civil society and other guidelines show that the members of the civil society faction shall not have any relations bringing to conflict of interests with mining companies, while the content of the animation video shows in this way.
Given the aforementioned, as well as the need to assess the compliance of MSHG formation process with the EITI requirements we would like to request to provide us with complete information whether the people taking part in the elections of the civil society of the MSHG of the EITI individually or through their public organizations had financial relations with your companies? If yes, please specify the names of these organizations and their representatives”,- the letter says.

14:56 January 09, 2017

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