Nature Protection Ministry Giving Explanations

Nature Protection Ministry Giving Explanations

Information and Public Relations Department of Nature Protection Ministry

On 20.10.2016 on published 'EcoRight' NGO President Arthur Grigoryan's opinion on the environmental section of the new governmental programme.

Not agreeing to to the opinion expressed in the publication in regard that the environmental section of the new governmental programme doesn't have systematic approach we would like to highlight that this document contains certain activities, which have very systematic nature starting from environmental strategy development to development of individual management plans.

Four mining-related problems outlined by 'EcoRight' NGO President, Lawyer Arthur Grigoryan are out of the framework of the competences of Nature Protection Ministry. What about the waste problem, we would like to inform that upon Nature Protection Minister's decree 342-Ն dated in 2006 soil management wastes were classified, while decree 244-Ն dated in 2015 made amendments and supplements to waste list.

In the extraordinary meeting of Public Council adjunct to Nature Protection Minister the NGO representatives presented their proposals, which were included in the new governmental programme in this or that way, while measures are taken to implement proposals left out of the programme, particularly works are carried out to build capacities on environmental impact assessment and expertise.

17:57 October 25, 2016

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