lllegal Tree Felling in Vanadzor: MP Reported on Crime

lllegal Tree Felling in Vanadzor: MP Reported on Crime


On 17 August 17 fur trees were cut down in Vanadzor Town, Lori Region. Deputy of National Assembly, Chairman of Board of 'Bright Armenia' party Edmon Marukyan reported on crime to Acting Prosecutor General Armen Harutyunyan. The report says,

'Dear Mr. Harutyunyan

Today five fur trees were illegally cut down in the beginning part of the park in Vanadzor. These trees, as immovable property, were owned by Vanadzor community, i.e. they were community property, so this illegal felling violated the rights of the community. According to Article 196 of RA Criminal Code, if the cut down trees, bushes cause essential damage, they are considered to be a crime.

As a Vanadzor community resident and a deputy elected from the same community, I would like to ask to officially proceed with this report on crime, as well as provide information about the further process of the case.'

Photo and video are taken from Edmon Maruqyan Facebook page.

16:51 August 18, 2016

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