"Kapan Ore Processing Combine" CJSC Reply to Tail Pipe Spill


EcoLur has received the reply by "Kapan Ore Processing Combine" CJSC on the tailing pipe spill and works carried out to eliminate the consequences.

Reminder: on 29 November 2016 the spill of the tailing pipe owned by "Kapan Ore Processing Combine" CJSC resulted in the contamination of 1808 square meters of area. The damage caused to environment was estimated in the amount of 21,200,000 AMD. The materials on damage caused to environment was submitted to RA Prosecutor's Office.

In its reply letter, "Kapan Ore Processing Combine" CJSC informed, 'On 29 November 2016 a spill of tails occurred because of the breakdown of the compensator of the tailing pipe and the signal system set off. An emergency brigade arrived at the scene to eliminate the breakdown and the leak was stopped in an urgent manner.

The company has set a committee to eliminate the consequences of the accident, which has carried out all measures not to permit further contamination of the soil, the surface has been cleaned off the tails and the contaminated layer of the soil. Operative measures have been taken to minimize any change of the repetition of such a situation.

For the purpose of increasing its environmental safety, the company is currently modernizing the significant part of its equipment, which has been left from the previous owner of the company. Currently, the company is introducing environmental management system, which is aimed at reasonable use of reserves and energy, prevention of environmental pollution, application of up-to-date equipment and technologies, as well as involvement of employers and increase in personal responsibility for environment.'

18:22 February 13, 2017

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