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Lake Sevan Level Decreased by 10 Cm
12:04 October 21, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Gegharkunik
From 1 September 2015 to 19 October 2015 the level of Lake Sevan decreased by 10 centimeters.
Mass Tree Felling Near Yeghegis River (Photos)
11:48 October 19, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Vayots dzor
On 17 October EcoLur's camera fixed hundreds of felled down tree stubs near Yeghegis River in the administrative area of Hermon Community, Vayots Dzor Region. It was clear that healthy and young trees have been cut down. Th stubs of the felled down
Human Rights Omitted from Draft Constitution
15:13 October 12, 2015 | Dialog with officials
A referendum on the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia will be held on 6 December. The presented constitution draft intends
Traces of Draft Constitution on Environmental Rights
17:44 October 05, 2015 | Dialog with officials
The constitution prescribes everybody’s right to live in the environment promoting our health and welfare (Article 33.2). It should be mentioned that this provision was supplemented in the text of the Constitution after constitutional reforms
What Are Purposes of Reducing Zangezour Biospheric Complex Areas?
18:28 August 18, 2015 | Dialog with officials
On 2 July 2015 the Armenian Government adopted resolution 731-N, which reduced the area of “Zangezour” biospheric complex by 630.6541 ha, particularly the land areas from “Arevik” National Park and “Zangezour” State Reserve
The Trees in Komitas Avenue are Getting Withered
16:03 July 14, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Yerevan
The fruit trees in the yard of the block of flats N 39 in Komitas avenue of Yerevan city are getting withered because of lack of water. Misha Madoyan, an 82 year-old resident beat an alarm
PEF Reported about the Crime: Ararat Artesian Basin Submarine Water is Overexploited
13:34 July 09, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Ararat | Armavir
Pan-Armenian Environmental Front reports about crime that is Overexploition of Ararat Artesian Basin Underground Water and standing on verge of elimination, to Gevorg Kostanyan, General Prosecutor and Vahram Shahinyan, the head of RA Special Investigation Service. In the reports mentioned the following
German Development Bank KfW is Proposed to Increase Transparency of Creation and Development of "Zangezur" Biosphere Complex Project
16:28 July 08, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Syunik
“WORKERS' RIGHTS PROTECTION UNION” which has its representative office also in Germany, sent a letter to the German Development Bank KfW, in which it offers to increase transparency of creation and development of "Zangezur" biosphere complex project in order to avoid corruption risks. The letter reads as follows:
'No to Plunder' Civic Initiative Responded to Armenian PM's Speech
12:24 June 26, 2015 | Dialog with officials | Yerevan
'No to Plunder' Civic Initiative has responded to Armenian PM Hovik Abrahamyan's speech made at the meeting of the Armenian Government on 25 June, which says, 'At the meeting of the Armenian Government on 25 June Hovik Abrahamyan referred

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