Armenia Going to Ratify Paris Agreement

Armenia Going to Ratify Paris Agreement


'Paris Agreement is currently in the National Assembly and we hope that we will have its ratification in the upcoming four-day session,' RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan told journalists at the expanded meeting of interdepartmental coordination board on the implementation of the requirements and provisions of UN Convention on Climate Change.

International expert on climate change Tomash Khrushchev said that out of 193 countries 127 have already ratified this agreement.

UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan mentioned that after the ratification of the agreement Armenia can fully take part in the negotiating processes, decision-making and works of supplementary bodies.

'Paris Agreement mostly outlines preservation of ecosystems. We shall focus on the preservation of ecosystem, which shall be the axis and perspective also in regard with economy development,' Aram Gabrielyan, National Focal Point of UN Convention on Climate Change, told EcoLur. He mentioned that 70% of emissions goes to energetic sector, where emissions shall be reduced through energy efficiency.

Deputy Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Hayk Harutyunyan outlined that Armenia has sufficient grounds for drastic development of renewable energy in upcoming years.
'We have reached a state, where we have right models how to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency in Armenia, so as to be beneficial for the environment, as well as to be economically profitable and have no alternative,' Hayk Harutyunyan said.

Deputy Minister stated that in 2016 investments of 309 billion USD was made worldwide into renewable energy, nevertheless, this figure is not sufficient to achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement.

'We wan to achieve the aims of the Paris agreement, so this figure shall reach 1 trillion by 2020.' Hayk Harutyunyan called for the EU representatives having attended this meeting to come to Armenia and implement jointly good ideas aimed at energy development and energy efficiency.

18:26 January 31, 2017

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