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Victor Tutelyan, Foreign Member of NAS RA is for Flour Enrichment
14:45 July 28, 2015 | Climate Change
Victor Tutelyan, foreign member of NAS RA, real member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, made a scientific report on this topic. In the report there were data about the impact of supplements of vitamin complexes on people’s health as well as the legislative
Now Solar Energy Can Already Be Sold
17:13 July 21, 2015 | Climate Change
For the first time in Armenia a fee will be set for the energy produced by solar power plant. So far solar energy hasn’t been
Armenia Must Develop a Concept of Land Protection
11:35 July 15, 2015 | Climate Change
It's not difficult to notice that the RA "Land Code" and other legislative acts don't include options on land protection. That is, the land isn't perceived as a natural ecosystem under protection. It was planned by the second national
Armenian Land is Dying:Specialist
16:46 July 13, 2015 | Climate Change
Today, we have a land loss everywhere. The land is slowly dying. Desert zone slowly occur in Armenia. But there is also the need

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