Illegal Tree Feller in Davtashen Detained

Illegal Tree Feller in Davtashen Detained


Police in the Yerevan district of Davtashen have detained the individual responsible for cutting down 23 trees. The tree felling was carried out in Aghababyan Street in front of Delfin swimming pool.

Due to the operative measures taken by the police it was found out that the felling was carried out by A.S born in 1996, who was detected and detained to Mashtots Division of Police at 11:30 on Arpil 10 near Davtashen 36/2 address. The extent of material damage is being estimated.

It should be mentioned that the photos showing illegal tree felling were posted by Facebook social network users. Mayor qualified this case as an act of vandalism.

The photos are taken from web site.

16:55 April 10, 2017

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