Fires in Yerevan
16:16 July 02, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
On 1 and 2 July, fires occurred in different areas of Yerevan. As the Ministry for Emergency States informs, 2500 sq. meters were burnt down in Nerqin Charbakh, Yerevan
Yerevan Residents Unhappy with Tree Pruning
15:03 April 25, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
Under the official information, around 18,000 trees were subject to deep pruning in all the administrative areas of Yerevan. Yerevan residents don’t oppose to pruning, but ...
Quake East from Sevan Town
13:34 March 29, 2014 | Cities | Gegharkunik
As the Ministry of Emergency States informs, a quake occurred with 2.6 magnitude 18 km east from ...
Strong winds tore roofs in Yerevan
12:01 March 18, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
The strong winds of 17 March in Yerevan caused material damage to Yerevan residents. In Yerevan 11 cases of roof
3797 Trees To BE Felled Down for Yerevan Road Construction
11:52 November 28, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
In 2014 3797 trees will be felled down for the road construction in Yerevan, out of which 3568 will be fruit trees, 61 - timber and 168 are decorative trees. Artashat community will lose around...
Chaos in Yerevan Intentionally Created
16:46 November 11, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
They make people come and occupy seats in the hall, they intentionally bring experts, department heads, who draw pictures as it’s boring or sleep, this is all not to allow citizens to take part in the meeting...

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