Quake in Tavush Region
19:20 September 17, 2013 | Cities | Tavush
On 17 September a 3-magnitude quake was felt in
Fire in Victory Park
17:14 September 03, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
Fires are still recorded in the territory of Armenia...
RPA Leaders Selling Pavements and Green Zones
16:39 August 22, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
“We Are This City’s Owners” Civic Initiative is demanding to immediately take out the machinery from the yard at 5 Komitas Avenue. The statement disseminated by the
Police Set Free Though It Can Do Other Way
18:21 August 21, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
After forced restrained attitude towards activists opposing to increase in prices for transport and having organized a protest demonstration near Yerevan Municipality, the police...
Fire in Botanical Garden
14:39 August 20, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
On 19 August fire occurred in Botanical Garden, where 6000-7000 square meters of grass-covered territory burnt...
“Volcano” Groups in Armenia
15:28 July 25, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
“Children should learn more about their nature, their native land and value what they have...
Green Zone in Yerevan To Make up 850 Ha in 2013
14:09 July 16, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
Around 40,000 trees and plants have been planted in Yerevan, 34,000 trees - covered with lime, 16,000 tree species have been designed and around 1,800,000...
Construction on Abovyan Street Stopped
16:04 July 15, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
Construction on Abovyan Street Stopped , as website informs. The territory is said to belong to Transport and Communication Minister....
Abovyan Street Again Developed
12:51 July 12, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
The pavilions and boutiques, which were dismantled on Abovyan Street and should be transferred to Mashtots Park again appeared on Abovyan Street ...
Fire in Botany Garden
13:41 July 11, 2013 | Cities | Yerevan
On 10 July a fire broke out in Yerevan Botanical Garden, as the Ministry of Emergency States informs. An area of 200 km2 grass-covered has been burnt down...

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