"Optimization" of Tamanyan Museum

"Optimization" of Tamanyan Museum


The Armenian authorities are haunted by the museum after Alexander Tamanyan for over 10 years. The intention to combine its with the Museum of Architecture arose still in 2003-2005. The Director of the Museum was the grandson of the prominent architect, a physicist and public figure, also Alexander Tamanyan, well-known commander of ‘suicide attackers’. In the beginning of the 2000’s the museum held discussion devoted to the most urgent topics for the country.

I can remember one of the discussions devoted to the problem of water and Lake Sevan. Right now the video on Facebook is getting likes on Facebook, where water is received from fog in an exotic country. In 2003 Alexander Tamanyan attempted to practice the same idea and proposed a technical solution to replenish the water in Lake Sevan basin, which leaves residue on especially stretched wires. He was sure it would work. But the problem was this method was cheap. And consequently, it can’t make it richer those who will deal with it.

The past and the future of Armenia, disappeared monuments and armament were discussed at the museum. Unfortunately, there were no records left from these evenings. Very few people were left who had attended these evenings regularly. Ten years have passed and people who wanted to take the museum they may have left, but other people came in their places. Again they started speaking about how it’s useful and wonderful to ‘optimize’ museums. The country should know its ‘heroes’.

Photo is taken from www.yerevan.am web site.

14:47 March 02, 2016


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