Antihygienic Situation in Verin Shengavit (Photos)

Antihygienic Situation in Verin Shengavit (Photos)


For over 20 days Street 11 of Verin Shengavit has completely been deprived of water. The residents can’t stand the anti-hygienic conditions any longer.

On 1 September in their interview with us the residents said when a new pipeline was laid in Mantashyan, they put the old pipeline out of the service substantiating it with the age of the pipeline, while their pipes were not joined to the new pipeline. Now “Yerevan Jur” CJSC is making them put their water meters in a distance of 200 meters from their houses, while the residents are opposing to it.

On 1 September they applied to Yerevan Municipality with this problem.

Vanush Zeynalyan, Head of Department of Works with Condominiums of Yerevan Municipality, promised the resident to organize a consultation at the municipality on 2 September. At this hour resident Ludvig Alsanyan was at the municipality, but he was informed that Zeynalyan was not at his office. Instead of Zeynalyan, Deputy Head of Communal Services Department of Shengavit Quarter Municipality approached the resident and offered him to hold a meeting with the resident on 3 September, at 12:00, in Shengavit Quarter Head’s office.

“We don’t have any water for 20 days, the toilets are not operating, children can’t have nay bath, the water is cut off in this boiling water. I have had a heart attack, my husband is 85 years old, but I am not able any longer…I bring water from anywhere I go, the same my husband…Sewage rats are wandering,” the residents were furious.

They mentioned that they will go to have a meeting with the quarter head and demand to lay a pipeline in their street, but they don’t agree to bear the costs. They will only buy the pipes and that’s it.

In reply to the question what they will do, if the problem is not solved at the municipality, the residents said unanimously, “We will call upon the court, there is no way out.”

It should be mentioned that residents think that the main company to blame here is “Yerevan Jur” CJSC.

11:41 September 03, 2014


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