Mass Drying of Trees Observed in Meghri Area

Mass Drying of Trees Observed in Meghri Area, Meri Soghomonyan

Mass drying of trees has been observed in Meghri area in recent years. The mass drying of trees is conditioned with mining, particularly the activity of Agarak combine. Under them, in recent years, apricot pomegranate, fig trees and other fruit trees frequently started getting dry. “This all is the result of Agarak combine waste waters being dumped into the Araks River, while this water is used to irrigate orchards, you will find concentrate under the trees, we don’t have any other source for irrigation. They have a tail facility, but they don’t spend money on equipping the facility with up-to-date equipment, they are only interested in money and not in our complaints,” said villagers in Meghri area.

Under Nrnadzor Village Head Mkrtich Mkrtchyan, 20-30% of fruit trees have already got dried, particularly apricot trees and pomegranate trees. Tree productivity has decreased by 70-0%: they can hardly harvest 5-8 tons instead of 25-30 tons.

16:20 April 28, 2014


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