Yerevan May Face Dangerous Situation in Regard with Temperature Increase

Yerevan May Face Dangerous Situation in Regard with Temperature Increase


Because of long-lasting winter and excessive precipitation Yerevan may face a dangerous situation at the beginning of the spring and during melting, especially when a drastic increase in temperature is observed. This situation was discussed during the meeting of the public council adjunct to RA Nature Protection Minister. A natural aqueduct and torrent discharge, Getar River, is pipes and water flow is disturbed. Despite the announcement of Yerevan Municipality, that the riverbed is cleaned every year, it's hard to expect that the closed section of the Getar river would be cleaned in the winter. Because of the garbage collected during 3-4 long and snowfull winter months torrents won't be able to pass this section of the river without any obstacles. On the other hand, other serious risks add up. Yerevan communication system is in a poor system and is overloaded. While green areas and open land spaces and yards, which could have accepted water flow, are covered with asphalt. Many asphalted areas don't have any hatches. When cleaning snow off the roads, it's dumped and collected on the road sides, which increases overload on square meter area.

There are restaurant and hotel complexes constructed in the Hrazdan riverbed passing through Yerevan, which dump their wastes into the Hrazdan River. Risks for this section of the river in case of torrents are not assessed. It should be mentioned that Yerevan HPP is located in this area. RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan proposed again to put on the agenda of the next meeting this issue, to invite specialists from RA Ministry for Emergency States and other competent bodies, to develop and table mechanisms for solution.

17:27 February 02, 2017


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